Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How reliable is your hosting?
    Our servers have had historical 99.95% uptime – which means that on an average month your downtime will be a few minutes at the most. This is considered to be a top-performing uptime rate.
  2. How many sites can I host on one server?
    Depending on your hosting package, you could host from 1 up to 100 sites on a single server. To find out which package is the best for you, please contact us support team HERE.
  3. Do you guarantee the uptime of the server?           
    While we can’t guarantee uptime as some circumstances are out of our control, in the past few years we have achieved 99.95% uptime rate which is considered well above the average of the industry.
  4. What is a shared hosting?
    Shared hosting means your site is hosted on one server, along with other sites of other customers. There is complete separation between your site and other sites: you can only see your website and can’t access any other sites on the server, but the server resources are shared between the multiple users.
  5. How do I make the site look good on mobile devices and screens of different sizes?
    We recommend using WordPress, it automatically makes sure that your site is mobile friendly so it will resize to any screen size.
  6. What payments methods are supported?
    At the moment we can only accept Visa and MasterCard.
  7. I’m not happy with my purchase, can I get a refund?
    We do our best to keep our customers satisfied. You are fully protected by our Refund Policy and if you want a refund, please contact us support team HERE.
  8. Can I migrate from other hosting provider?
    Yes, you can migrate to our hosting from other providers. Our team is available to help you move your existing site to our servers with minimal downtime.