We Believe in Setting an Example

We believe in setting an example for social responsibility, our commitment to the environment and our local community. As such as are spending time each month on issues that are close to our heart and go the extra mile to advance issues we care about.

Workplace Gender Equality

As a majority-women workplace we go the extra mile to enforce workplace equality and keep our company a safe place for all genders. Our workplace respects the rights of people to celebrate their individual identity.

We Go Paperless

As a tech company, we have the ability to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our paper usage. All our team members are instructed to think twice before they print documents where a digital copy will suffice. We believe this creates a positive accumulative effect on the environment and our local community.

Flexible Work Hours

We pride ourselves on being a flexible workplace, where people can work from home and stay close to their family. As long as the job gets done, we give our employees the freedom to choose where they will work.